“I am come
a light into the world,
that whosoever believeth
on me should not abide in
darkness.”         -John 12:46
Thank you for taking the time to visit
us through our website.  You may be
visiting this site for a number of
reasons, but let me say that all of us
here at Faithway are glad you took
the time to visit us on-line. 
Technology enables us to give you a
glimpse of who we are from the comforts of your home; but
to really get to know us, I would like to encourage you to
come out and worship with us.  I’m confident that you will
find our services welcoming, our music uplifting and our
members friendly. More over, you can expect to receive
bible truths presented clearly to perpetuate the Gospel and
encourage believers in our ever-changing world. From our
nursery to our Senior Saints Class, there is something for
the entire family here at Faithway.  We look forward to
seeing you soon. 
                                Sincerely, Pastor
910 Oak Grove Road
Chesapeake, VA 23220
(757) 382-9443
Horacio R. Hall, Pastor
10:00 AM - Sunday School
11:00 AM - Morning Preaching Service
7:00 PM - Bible Study 
“Each one reaching one, with the Good News for everyone”
Choosing a church home is an important decision to
make and one that should be based on clearly stated
and understood doctrinal beliefs. We’ve made a
concerted effort to explain (in detail) what we believe
while maintaining a practical and simplistic approach in
identifying our “core beliefs.”
Faithway Baptist Church is an independent Baptist
Church, which is baptistic in doctrine and practice. 
FBC’s core doctrine and foundational biblical teachings
and beliefs are:
The miraculous virgin birth of Jesus Christ
 The Deity of Christ – He is the Father, The Son,
and the Holy Spirit.  He is all three AND all
three are One.
Christ died for the sins of the world, AND rose
on the third day, AND is coming again.
Salvation is through Christ’s death on Cavalry’s
Salvation is by grace not works, a gift from God,
free to all who will believe and receive Christ as
Lord and Saviour
There is a Heaven and there is a Hell, every soul
has the God given free will to chose where
he/she will spend eternity
The Bible is the incorruptible, inspired Word of God.
Nothing is to be added to, or taken from ANY of the
sixty-six books of the bible. It is complete without any
contradictions or errors.
lorifying our risen Savior
eaching out to others
cclaim the Good News
laiming God’s promises
       difying each other